With economic equality, and thus true equality, predicted for the year 2186, something has got to change – and it needs to change now. If it doesn’t, generation after generation will continue to regard gender inequity in STEM as the status quo. We have news for you: this status quo is more dangerous than it would be to enact meaningful change.

Gender Equity in STEM by 2025 is the goal proposed to participants of Fifty50’s Big Ideas Breakfast, which was held on the 10th August at Old Parliament House in Canberra. Breakfast participants came from every sector – from university academics, to Partners of large corporations, to local and Federal government. Tasked with creating action plans detailing how they will help us to reach #Fifty50by2025 attendee’s can now upload their plans to the event website www.fifty50by2025.com. A PDF copy of the Action Item cards from the event can also be found here as well as the Gender equity calendar from Arup:

Action Item Cards

2017 Gender Equity Calendar

We look forward to working together to disrupt the status quo and change the face of STEM!